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An event organized by the Retrievers Club Italiano

“The Championship’s purpose is to find the best retriever of the year. The winning dog will display the natural and trained qualities typical of  the retriever breeds”

Italian Retrievers Championship 2017



1° ECC CAC CACIT – FTCh Think Twice Go Get It – Laura Lazzaretto

2° ECC ris CAC, ris CACIT – Int FTCh Ocean Black Reef – Francesco Gislon

3° ECC – Int FTCh Fendawood Dave – Kurt Becksteiner

4° ECC – FTCh Waterfriend Calvados – Raffaele Navone

5° ECC – Think Twice Knickebokers – Gianluca Renier

ECC – Lesser Burdock Deene – Bruno Julien

MB – Venus Melody – Heike Jansky

MB – FTCh Ragweed’s Keede – Caroline Koch

B – Waterfriend Cornet – Stefano Martinoli

Qualified Dogs

List of qualified dogs.


Presentation and brief biographies of the Judges invited to attend the event.


Instructions to proceed with the entries for qualified dogs no later than 14 January 2018.

Info & Schedule

Detailed information and program of the 3-day event, from Friday 25 to Sunday, January 27, 2019.

Countdown to the Championship








italian retriever championship 2017

An event organized by Retrievers Club Italiano

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